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Private Investigation Services
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The cost of organizing a lie detector test varies slightly as to what city you want the test in, the type of test required, whether it is for court or personal and whether a written report or only a simple verbal result is required.

The total cost of a Professional Private Investigator in cities like Melbourne can be from as little as $88 an hour for simple no risk activity reports in the metropolitan areas. For more complex cases fees will vary depending on expertise required, durations, times, risks and Geographical location. For example, if the case involves travel to a regional area, interstate or overseas it is reasonable to expect associated costs.

How do Private Investigators at Charlies Angels Provide reports?

Reporting can be via email, sms or by telephone in real time or formally within the week. It may include photographs if opportunity presents itself or video evidence if it could be taken without blowing cover and as per legal requirements.

If your area is not near our office will it be more expensive?

No, in most cases travel time in the Metropolitan area will not account for more than an hour in costs. Regional areas, Interstate and overseas excluded.

Will my case be kept Confidential?

Yes we keep all our cases confidential and discrete.We do not tell people we are private investigators or who we work for unless its insurance or Government related.

Can I have a private investigator conduct an investigation interstate or overseas?

Yes we have the affiliates, expertise, resources and experience to conduct investigations in all countries. Contact us for our reasonable fee structure.


The Private Agents Act 1966 sets out guidelines for Private Investigators. It is a guide for all professionally Licensed Private Investigators in Melbourne, and most other states have similar rules and legislative requirements for private investigations in Australia.

Private Investigators are subject to occupational health and safety safety standards and must conduct their surveillance in a safe manner so that they and other road users etc are kept safe at all times. Private investigators must abide by all traffic rules and other laws of the state like everyone else.

Charlies Angels Investigators private investigators use only legally permissible methods to uncover the facts for our clients. So although our investigators don't obtain phone bills, car rego ownerships or bank statements, there are often legally permissable alternatives and options available.

For example some records can be subpoenaed by the client's lawyers for court cases.
Our private investigations for family law matters or civil cases can determine a person's place of employment or residence, or our private detectives can simply conduct an interview covertly or overtly to gather information.
We may use discreet video cameras but always in accordance with the law.

In Australia, our private investigator offices are fully equipped seven days a week to conduct professional private investigations discreetly for the general public, business entities or to Government bodies.

Top reasons for choosing Charlies Angels Consultants as your Private Investigator in Australia.

Our Private Investigation Guarantees:

We guarantee that your private investigation will be carried out or supervised by a competent and qualified private investigator with an approximately 15 years experience in the Private Investigation Industry in Australia.

We guarantee a photograph of the address from where the Private Investigation commences in surveillance related Private Investigations in Melbourne or when and where requested prior to commencement of the job in writing.

Our expertise in private investigation

We have been involved in successful private investigations for the last 15 years. Between 2003 and 2006 we trained hundreds of Private Investigators in Australia under Government license so we have the expertise and experience to conduct a large range of Private Investigations ourselves. In addition this business has the benefit of being managed by prior ex federal law enforcement experience (Australian Customs).

We are Fully Certified Members of British and European Polygraph Association which requires the highest standards for membership.

Our clients

Our clients have included Corporations like the Austereo network, radio stations, Jewelry Store chains, restaurant chains, doctors, lawyers, journalists and TV stations to name a few.

Famous Celebrities who undertook a lie detector test and PASSED for the Austereo network:
Kyle Sandilands, Jackie O, Matt and Jo, Ricki Lee, Hamish & Andy, Gold Coast mayoral candidates.

We have been featured by The Age Newspaper, Daily Telegraph, Sun Herald, Fox FM, B105, Kyle and Jackie O Show and television stations like SBS and ABC TV.

Our Director

Charlie's Angels Consultants' director has been a Private Investigator continuously since 1995. A fully licensed and University educated Investigative professional with private investigative experience worldwide.

His qualifications include:

  • Certificate IV in Investigative Services
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Mbus (Mkt)
  • Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice.
  • Full Member American, British and European polygraph associations.
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