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Call Australia's most advanced evidence based polygraph firm to find out how a lie detector test in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane can help you verify your truthful statements and stop the constant accusations.

Call Australia's most certified polygraph firm to find out how a lie detector test can verify your innocence in false accusations of cheating in a relationship.

90% of our clients who experience false accusations of cheating in a marriage find some relief in their relationships after using the polygraph services of Cognitive Resolutions.

That's why our Clients are NO 1 and we offer a supportive consultation at a location near you or ours, after an an initial assessment via email or telephone.


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How does one choose a Professional Lie Detector Specialist?

Some of the considerations in choosing the right provider is to inquire about what type of education and experience they have had in the science of polygraph technology. How long ago they become certified in this field is important because if the individual has not maintained regular continuous professional training by attending courses recommended by the British and European Polygraph Association, then the skills of a tester could be out of date. Are they registered with a polygraph association as member in good standing? What is the base rate of the percentage of people who pass and how familiar is the company with the latest developments and changes in the evolution of this science. A professional in this field should have additional university training in counselling and applied psychology. At this firm our clients have the option of taking a polygraph as well seeking help with some brief counselling.

Taking a lie detector test for a specific issue can PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE with an accuracy of up to approximately 98% or more!
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Polygraph Lie Detector in Australia

Can a Lie Detector Test address relationship problems?

Taking a step to read about lie detector testing indicates that a mistrustful relationship is already present so although the polygraph may verify that one is telling the truth or being deceptive, it cannot address the factors that caused the feelings of suspicion in the first place. This is why counselling is always recommended as part of the process of addressing uncertainty in personal relationships.

Tests for Lie Detection CAN BE CONDUCTED in Most Metropolitan Areas and New Zealand by prior booking. Polygraph tests in some regional areas also available by pre arrangement


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Click Here to read the TOP 10 SIGNS OF A CHEATING SPOUSE

Situations where Lie Detector Testing may be used?

When there are uncertain feelings about the activities of your spouse or if you are constantly being accused by paranoid spouse. Have you been wrongfully accused of an something you did not do? Someone could be make a false claim to gain advantages and this is where the Polygraph can be of assistance to verify the innocence of one party, especially where there may be grey areas. Our experienced specialist testers are available for you Australia wide to address whatever adverse situation you may find yourself in. Clients range from private individuals to large companies.

Law enforcement agencies in the USA arrange polygraph (lie detector) tests as a means to detect whether someone is being truthful or deceptive. Although not legal in a trial they can be used to point suspicion away or toward a suspect. People are not able to hide the physiological conditions that occur within the human body when telling a lie.

The Latest Computerised Lafayette LX4000 Polygraph Hardware with up to date software provide the most accurate results available to date. These instruments have the highest degree of accuracy when used by our qualified and experienced examiners.

Our examiners are experienced and fully certified.

Polygraph Examiners are fully qualified and certified members of the British & European Polygraph Associations. To qualify for full membership a person must have a degree, preferred ex law enforcement experience and have completed an accredited course in polygraph science at a school approved by a recognised association. Continuous studies and professional development is encouraged by undertaking additional advanced training at least every second year in the United States.

What is the process of a Lie Test?

A typical polygraph test includes three stages which consist of an interview, a data collection phase and a test data analysis phase.

Lie Detector Interview Stage involves the examiner reviewing the backgrounds of the people and the facts of the case and completing the required paperwork. All the questions are constructed and reviewed to ascertain responses of yes or no. Various pre test dialogue is made as part of the process before moving on to the next stage.

Data collection phase is where the sensors are attached to the person and the chart collection process commences. The questions are read to the examinee. The test is done three times for accuracy. After each question is asked, a 25 second period follows whereby the instrumentation records autonomic responses to each question.

During the last test phase, the graphs will be analysed and calculations made as to whether the person has been truthful. The skills, qualifications, training and experience of the examiner are essential in ensuring accurate results.

Polygraph Examinations are available in most Australian metropolitan areas like Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane,Gold Coast and Canberra etc and 7 days a week by appointment

FOR A FREE CONSULTATION, SMS or call NOW 0412 003 832 one of our Professional Senior Consultants in Lie Detector Tests

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Investigative Research by a Private Detective showed three important factors to prevent cheating. They were maintaining trust, appreciation and giving significance to your partner

  1. The need for trust in any relationship is its foundation.
  3. The need for Significance and appreciation of each other
  4. And the Need to Be Heard and Validated.
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Ex Australian Federal Law Enforcement expertise.
Experience: Licensed Private Detective since 1994
Memberships & Associations: British & European Polygraph Associations

Qualifications: A diverse range of qualifications including:

  • Certificate IV in Investigations
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (Polygraph)
  • Forensic Psychophysiologist in Lie Detection
  • Graduate Diploma in Social Health and Counselling
  • Graduate Certificate Applied Positive Psycology
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • Advanced training certificates from the American Polygraph Association
  • Assist you with options ranging from counseling referrals to polygraph testing available for you to address your situation

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All Consultations Strictly by appointment.

Package deal rates available. Free consultations & advice available 7 days by email, SMS or phone

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Contact us and see how we can assist you in finding all the answers. The initial consultation is free of charge and it's totally confidential. We have the best customer service and understanding towards our clients.
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