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Lie Detection tests or Polygraph Examinations can address matters of uncertainty if you are having trust issues within your relationship or your credibility is under question.

That's why our Clients are NO 1 and we offer a supportive consultation at a location near you or ours, after an an initial assessment via email or telephone.


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LIE DETECTOR TESTS Available by QUALIFIED POLYGRAPH EXAMINERS in Most Metropolitan Areas to the public for personal and business issues by appointment.

Most Lie Detection tests are commonly requested by people wanting to prove their innocence in a false accusation of infidelity. In the, we always recommend that counseling may be an instrumental part of the process before and after the polygraph test. The results of a polygraph test must never be the only basis on which a relationship decision should be made.

Peace of Mind Polygraph Tests are now available to the Australian Public.

Are you being constantly accused of something you are innocent of?
It may be time to take a Lie Detector Test and/or see a counselor in your area.

Lie Detector Testing has become one way where people wanting to prove their innocence from a false accusation. Polygraph Services available in most metropolitan areas by fully certified and qualified Polygraph Examiners

Taking a lie detector test for a specific issue can PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE with an accuracy of up to approximately 98% or more!

Polygraph Lie Detector in Australia

ARE TAKE A Lie Detection Test to prove your credibility to your partner or family.

Our Polygraph Examiners/Testers are University graduates and are fully qualified to a high standard.

Can a Lie Detector Test address Relationship Problems?
No. However, we can refer you to a Counsellor or motivational and relationship coach near you today. Free first consultation.

Test for Lie Detection CAN BE CONDUCTED in Most Metropolitan Areas and New Zealand by prior booking. Polygraph tests in some regional areas also available by pre arrangement


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Click Here to read the TOP 10 SIGNS OF A CHEATING SPOUSE

How can a Lie Detector test help you?

  • Do you have feelings of uncertainty about your partner?
  • Are you the one being accused by a controlling and paranoid partner?
  • 70% of people tell between 2 and 200 lies a day on average.
  • These lies may range from white lies to more serious lies..
  • As a result of defensive white lies does your partner now accuse you of infidelity and making your relationship painful?
  • Have you been wrongfully accused of an Act you did not do?
  • Is someone lying to gain leverage in a family law situation or some other circumstance?

Experienced and Certified Lie Detector Specialist with Post Graduate diploma in Social Health and Counselling can Assist you with options ranging from counseling referrals to polygraph testing available for you to address your situation

Law enforcement agencies in the USA arrange polygraph (lie detector) tests as a means to detect whether someone is being truthful or deceptive. Although not legal in a trial they can be used to point suspicion away or toward a suspect. People are not able to hide the physiological conditions that occur within the human body when telling a lie.

How do you pass a Lie Detector test?

The Truth in entirety will see you through the exam. No rationalisation, no minimisation, just plain 100% truth.
If you are telling the Truth you will pass even if you feel natural nervousness. Our Fully Computerized Polygraph Instruments.
Have a high degree of accuracy when used by our experienced and qualified Polygraph examiners.

How is a Polygraph Test conducted in Australia?

Our Polygraph Examiners are fully qualified and certified members of the British & European Polygraph Associations. To qualify for full membership a person must have a degree, preferred ex law enforcement experience and have completed an approved course of polygraph studies at a college approved by the association. Continuous professional development is encouraged by undertaking additional advanced training in polygraph on a regular basis. We have certification of continuous professional development having attended a number of advanced seminar courses held by the American Polygraph Association after graduation in KL back in 2004.

What is the process of a Lie Detector test using a polygraph instrument?

A typical polygraph test will include an interview, a chart collection phase and a test data analysis phase.

Lie Detector Interview phase involves the polygraph examiner reviewing the backgrounds of the people and the case and completing the required paperwork. He or she then formulates and reviews the test questions in such a way as to obtain clear responses which may be a "yes" or a "no". During this period, the polygraph examiner will discuss the questions to be asked and familiarise the person with other aspects of the testing procedure.

Data collection phase is where the sensors are attached to the person and the recording process commences. The questions are read by the polygraph tester to the person being tested for lie detection. A minimum of three charts are recorded. After each question is asked, a 25 second period follows whereby the instrumentation records autonomic responses to each question.

During the Post test phase, the examiner will analyse the charts which represent the traces of physiological responses and makes calculations as to whether the person has been deceptive or not. Our polygraphist can then make calculations and determine the truthfulness of the person taking the test.

The interview skills, qualifications, training and experience of the examiner are crucial in ensuring an effective lie detector test. Our certified polygraph examiner is a prior Australian Customs Officer and has been successfully conducting lie detector tests since 2004. The whole process takes approximately two hours.

Highly trained, experienced and Certified Polygraphists conduct the polygraph examinations.

Polygraph Examinations are available in most Australian metropolitan areas like Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane,Gold Coast and Canberra etc and 7 days a week by appointment

FOR A FREE CONSULTATION, SMS or call NOW 0411 053 053 one of our Professional Senior Consultants in Lie Detector Tests

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Investigative Research by a Private Detective showed three important factors to prevent cheating. They were maintaining trust, appreciation and giving significance to your partner

  1. The need for trust in any relationship is its foundation.
  3. The need for Significance and appreciation of each other
  4. And the Need to Be Heard and Validated.

Investigative Data showed that 60% of people will cheat at some point and only 6% will volunteer any wrongdoing. That leaves 94% of cases where the partner may not be aware

Research by our Private Investigators found studies on infidelity which indicate that up to 60% of all adults will probably be unfaithful at some point of a relationship. Only about 6% of people will be truthful when confronted with an accusation leaving the accuser with a feeling of uncertainty. Our Private Detective Services may put the certainty back in your mind by getting a discreet peace of mind check on someone. As private investigators we do gather evidence that will assist you to see the truth. However, we do recommend professional counseling if you are experiencing difficulty in your relationship.


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What are the chances of workplace dishonesty from your own employees?

Our Private Investigators found that 50% of shrinkage is due to theft from staff according to the Australian Retailers Association - only about 6% of this theft is reported to police.

Our Melbourne Investigators understand the importance of bringing back professionally and legally obtained admissable evidence so that you can make informed decisions in your business or personal life. Take the first step to change the way you feel about your situation by emailing or calling Charlie's Angels Consultants and we'll respond sooner than you think with professional advice.


Ex Australian Federal Law Enforcement expertise.
Experience: Licensed Private Detective since 1994
Memberships & Associations: British & European Polygraph Associations

Qualifications: A diverse range of qualifications including:

  • Certificate IV in Investigations
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (Polygraph)
  • Forensic Psychophysiologist in Lie Detection
  • Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • Advanced training certificates from the American Polygraph Association
  • Assist you with options ranging from counseling referrals to polygraph testing available for you to address your situation

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