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Investigative Research by a Private Detective showed three important factors to prevent cheating. They were maintaining trust, appreciation and giving significance to your partner

  • The need for Significance
  • The need for Certainty in the fidelity of the relationship
  • Charlies Angels Consultants endeavoured to research some possible reasons as to why people choose to be unfaithful to their sponses in the first place. University educated Private Investigators conducted research into why people cheat in relationships or engage in other socially inappropriate behavior. Our Detectives came across information that suggested all humans had some core emotional needs in their relationships. These were the emotional need for Love & connection with others, the need to feel significance in a work or personal relationship, the need to feel appreciated at work or at home, and most importantly the need for a feeling of certainty in all personal and work relationships.
  • At times when these needs were not being met due to indifference or taking one's partner for granted, some people would inadvertently have these emotional needs fulfilled outside the relationship, by someone else.
  • Further research by this Australian Private Investigator firm found that when the initial passion which influenced initial decision making in the first stages of a relationship (the honeymoon period), faded with time, people often found themselves stuck with a partner who was not fulfilling even their basic emotional needs. Criticism and sarcasm replaced compliments and other actions fundamental to maintaining harmony in a relationship. And what started out as a happy romance ends up being a situation of hurtful or indifferent experiences.
  • Private Investigators research at Charlie's Angels consultants indicated that when partners turn out to be critical, rude or simply indifferent, some people also found themselves having an emotional connection to someone who was more understanding, a good listener and devoid of criticism. This person could be anyone, a family friend, neighbour, co-worker, stranger or someone they chatted with on Facebook. Over the passage of time and with the right opportunity, sometimes these friendships led toward the relationship becoming intimate. When Making decisions of the heart, common sense has difficulty in competing with emotions and some people, through no conscious fault of their own, may be wrongly influenced to act in a way they did not plan to.
  • We have been conducting Private Investigations since 1995 and we have often heard people say, "I did not plan for it to happen, it just happened."
  • Common sense and morality dictate that people should address relationship problems at the early stages by communicating with their partner or with the assistance of a relationship physiologist. However, more often than not, in most parts of Australia, people leave these options until last, along with using the services of a licensed private investigator.
  • Only a very small percentage of people actually confess when accused of cheating or a crime. The right way would be for people to admit to their mistakes so that the healing process can begin, despite repercussions. In most cases, cheating occurs unplanned because humans find themselves in an environment where they cannot control their emotions and hence behave in an irrational manner. For example we have investigated cases where the client's relationship is on the rocks and their partner is having an affair with someone they have been working alongside with.
  • Our Private Investigators obtain the facts that would otherwise not be readily confessed merely by asking. In a vast majority of our cases the relationship does not end when we catch someone cheating through surveillance. It usually leads to the start of the healing process through counseling and communication.
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